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Wetland Information Maps and Indicators

The first set of GlobWetland II geo-information maps will be produced for 3 points in time (1975-76, 1990-91, 2005-06), on the 200 wetland sites, at a geographical scale of 1:50,000 to 1:100,000, taking full advantage of the time series of Landsat data (MSS, TM and ETM):

  • land-use and land-cover maps, including wetland typologies;
  • change detection maps for long-term change and trends analysis;
  • water cycle maps for the analysis of the annual variations of the water table.

Two types of wetland indicators shall also be produced for the same points in time (1975-76, 1990-91, 2005-2006), making the best use of the wetland geo-information maps produced over the 200 wetland sites:

  • Ramsar Indicators of effectiveness (defined by the STRP);
  • Indicators on the status and trends of Mediterranean Wetlands (defined by the OMW).


GlobWetland II maps

Map production

  • 200 Wetland Information Maps and Indicators (WIMI) derived from Landsat (acquisition dates: 1975/76, 1990/91, 2005/06)
  • Inventory and delineation maps for different catchment areas derived from Landsat
  • 5 Very High Resolution Maps (VHR) for detailed mapping and validation
  • Radar (SAR) and Sentinel2 (S2) demonstration


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