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Inventory and delineation


The GlobWetland II project will contribute to help the Contracting Parties completing their national wetland inventories and assessing the trends of wetlands inventories across 3 points in time (1975-76, 1990-91, 2005-2006). This wetland inventory will be experimented over a limited geographical area and only as a demonstration exercise to validate the inventory methodology. The inventory will be based on annual time series of Landsat images.

We will elaborate a demonstration web-portal interface.

This approach enables all users to access, search or share available spatial data and/or existing thematic maps like. This portal will be fed by the users. The inserted data are associated to keywords (metadata) in order to facilitate future searches. For example, all data resulted from the computation of indicators on wetlands could be inserted in the portal, enabling these data to be available to other users.


The project team will investigate technical solutions and design scopes for the basic delineation of wetland sites stipulated by users. The basic level-one segmentation routines investigated in the rule based classification scheme above as well as the water cycle mapping routines will be investigated and used complementary. Here, the multi-seasonal information is essential to cover the different water levels. A basic and transparent workflow will be derived, using intermediate results from the wetland geo-information mapping in the defined wetlands. The optimal data set combination, considering timely resolution and spectral information, for input into the basic delineation routine will be investigated. A high importance is seen for NIR and Red spectral bands in multi-seasonal multi-layer stacks for deduction of the water cycle regime along the year.

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